My top five tips to choosing your perfect Celebrant!

What’s the number one thing you look for when you’re searching for the perfect Celebrant? Is it price, style, location, personality, age? If you’ve been looking for a Celebrant you’ve probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming at times or you may have posted in a bridal group on social media and have been inundated with recommendations and cries of “pick me”. The good news is there is a perfect celebrant out there for everyone and I’ve got some tips on finding the right Celebrant for you!

Know (and trust) your “vibe”

Have a “type” of person in mind. What kind of person do you relate to? But keep an open mind. You’re trusting this person to guide you through what most consider to be the most stressful part of their wedding day. An exceptional celebrant will make the ceremony feel like a walk in the park for you.

Jordan and Maddie (warming up for paper, scissors, rock. October 2020.
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Keep an open mind when considering budget. And please remember that you’re not just paying someone to rock up for 20 minutes on your wedding day.

Do your research!

Research and ask friends/family for recommendations.

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These are honestly my favourite types of enquiries! When they’ve seen me in action!

Don’t be shy

Meet with (or catch up on the phone or Zoom) as many celebrants as you need to. This will help you get a feel for their style if you’re not able to get that from their socials. Don’t feel pressured into choosing someone on the spot. Also, if you are anxious or nervous about talking/meeting with a Celebrant. Tell us. We’ve all been in the position of having to initiate conversation with a stranger. If you would prefer to have written communication, easy! Yes, it is really important to book a celebrant early, but there are many amazing celebrants out there. When you know, you know.

Check the reviews

Read their reviews!  And really read them. Anyone can say “great job” but when you actually read the reviews that are written with care they will put your mind at ease and give you some insight about what it is that makes a celebrant so amazing. I’m lucky to have a lot of amazing reviews but this one is still one of my favourites (and yes diet coke and Bon Jovi are two of my loves!)

I hope these little tips help you with your search. If you’d love some more information about my Celebrant services, shoot me a message! I have limited availability in 2022 and have opened bookings for 2023 and would love to send you some more information about what I can bring to your big day! Get in touch now!