01 January 2022

Surrounded by their loved ones, Terry and Tiffany were married at Kawana Surf Club on 1 January 2022. It was a perfect way to start the new year! A little bit of Bon Jovi and a whole lot of love.


Terry and Tiffany had postponed their wedding from October 2021 due to the uncertainty of lockdowns during 2021 and they were referred on to me by another celebrant who was no longer able to perform the ceremony. It’s a really simple process for a celebrant to transfer legal paperwork to another, so once we had that sorted, we were able to get into the fun stuff!


Terry and Tiffany chose the Kawana Surf Club as that’s where they’d had their first date. Ultimately we would have had the ceremony outside, but Mother Nature made the decision to bring it inside on the day. The team from Bloomin Creations provided the gorgeous arbour.


To rehearse or not rehearse? Not everyone chooses to do a rehearsal, but Terry and Tiffany chose to have a rehearsal the day before their wedding so their crew knew what to expect. Given that there was some uncertainty as to what the weather would be like they opted to run through both plan A and plan B. Plan B was the winner on the day. But check out this gorgeous post ceremony shot from Bjorn! It just shows that Plan B’s can be just as gorgeous as the original plan. Plus they offer a heap of peace of mind.

Post ceremony laughs captured by Bjorn from In Love Weddings


Normally I wouldn’t single out a member of the wedding party. But I have to share this funny story. Terry and Tiffany won me over when they chose a Bon Jovi song for their signing. For those of you playing along at home … this is the song (Thank you for loving me) . Anyway, I was waiting while Bjorn was grabbing some happy snaps after we had signed and I turned to one of the Groomsman and told him how impressed I was at the song choice. His immediate reply was something along the lines of “they get their material from me”.  I didn’t have the opportunity to take the conversation any further or to show the tattoo I have as a nod to Jon Bon Jovi, but it made my day. And it’s these little moments that make great memories for me to take away.


One of the challenges of this role is asking for couples to provide a review. But when I get reviews like this it definitely makes asking all worthwhile. Now stop, you’re making me blush!

Thank you Mr and Mrs Shaw for trusting me to be the one to get you married!