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What happens if your celebrant gets COVID?

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It happened to me. I tested positive to COVID. So you’re going to hear exactly what happens when a celebrant gets COVID.

Lucky for me, the timing was perfect in terms of wedding work.

My first call was to my next couple to get married. Fortunately though, the news wasn’t all bad, as all going well I would be out of ISO/quarantine in time for their wedding. But, I did want to check with them that they were comfortable to keep me as their celebrant. The couple were keen to go ahead with me if it was possible. But they also understood that shit happens, and in a worse case scenario they’d be looked after. The health of them, their families and their friends was paramount.

I also spoke to the venue as this couple was booked as part of an all-inclusive package. We organised another celebrant to be on standby just in case. But the peace of mind that having a back up celebrant in place was reassuring.

I’m not one for a lot of fuss, so I’ve kept my sickness off my socials (until now), but that doesn’t mean I’ve hidden it from those that matter. I was lucky that my symptoms were really no worse than a common head cold and apart from a few extra snoozes during the day, I got off easy.

Stay safe out there everyone. And if you get it, I hope it’s at the most possible convenient time.